I donate

One man's trash is another man's treasure

This app was created as an imbold to motivate people to donate things that they do not use to people in need.
It provides a map to search for locations by type and a form to add new locations.

The idea

Often times we discover that things and objects that we used to use and love are not so usefull anymore. What should we do with these possessions?

The idea of this application is to provide some locations where people can donate their possessions to people in need, from clothes and furniture to food and toys.

An online map is available to find locations and an online form is provided to add new locations if these cannot be found on the map

Use the map to discover the locations

Use the map to find donation locations in your city

Filter the data based on one or more types

Click on the location for more info

Go to map

How to add location

1. Add the needed information in the form. Some fields only require selecting Yes/No answers

2. Add a picture as an attachment, if possible

3. Add the location on the map by clicking it (a pushpin will appear), or search the location by address/place, or by Lat/Long values

4. Complete the form by submiting the location

Add a new location


Online map to discover locations near you

Discover locations near you by using the web map

Online form to add new locations

A known place is not on the map? No problem, you can use the form to add it

Real time dashboard for statistics

Use the dashboard page to see real time information about the data

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

― Anne Frank

Help the people around you by donating things that you don`t need anymore

Consult the map